Welcome to Scott Elementary

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Welcome to Scott Elementary

On behalf of the staff and administration of Scott Elementary  School I would like to welcome the students and parents to our school. Education at Scott School will be geared to meet the needs of all students; however, children are more likely to achieve at maximum potential when they work to their maximum effort. To increase the degree of educational success, it is imperative that teachers, parents, and administrators communicate openly and frequently as “partners” in the educational progress of students.

Scott School will make a special effort to create and promote a good relationship between the home and school. Newsletters, regular conferences, and direct contact with  parents will be a part of these efforts. Parents are encouraged to initiate their own contacts whenever necessary. Let’s work together. Our school has a tremendous potential for academic excellence; and with your help, I’m sure the upcoming year will be one of the school’s best.

– Principal Virginia Bolano

Our Mission

The mission of Scott School is to challenge and motivate students, K thru 5, and provide them with the opportunities necessary to achieve their individual academic and social potential in a safe, secure, nurturing environment.